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The art group Tokyo Blue works and experiments with colour complexity, and the interplay between coloured surfaces and coloured light. Our fascination of colours' changeability and their ability to create amazing and surprising effects is our basic focus. Based on our theoretical knowledge of light and colour properties and of human visual perception, we create artistic and aesthetic experiences. The spatial, and the staging of space, are key elements in our work. The artist group Tokyo Blue has existed since 2011 and consists of three artists, all of whom are working in the field of light and space in their daily professions.

Silla Herbst

“Painting with light” is the primary motivation in my creative work.
I am fascinated by the diversity of light and colour and by the rhythm of spatial intervals. The way people adapt to and interact in a room is also an area of interest for me. I relate with curiosity and empiricism to form, texture and materials and challenge, through these, the use of space.

CV Silla Herbst

Katrin Barrie Larsen

Light, materials and aesthetics are basic elements in my work.
I find inspiration in the interaction between light, material, rhythm and space. I am fascinated by the way light and movement give life to otherwise stationary objects.
In addition, I am interested in identity, storytelling, and the communication between object, space and individual.

CV Katrin Barrie Larsen

Astrid Espenhain

Light, colour and the interplay between them are central elements in my art. In my videos I work with the interplay of light and colour in combination with sound and movement.
My works often originate from my own sense perception and my synesthetic link between colours and characters.

CV Astrid Espenhain

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