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About Tokyo Blue

Tokyo Blue has existed since 2011 and consists of 4 members with widely different backgrounds in the arts, engineering and humanism. We have in common that we all work professionally with light and space on a daily basis. The fascination of colors and their ability to create sensory experiences and narratives is our common and fundamental focal point. We work and experiment with the complexity of colors and are particularly concerned with the interaction between color, light, surface, materials and space. Our installations are mostly site-specific unfolding in existing space and architecture. Light and color are interwoven with stories, associations or historical layers connected
to the place and the everyday spaces are transformed into fictional spaces where the senses are stimulated and the brain is challenged.
Members of Tokyo Blue:

Lighting designer Silla Findstrøm Herbst
Art historian Helle Frøjk Knudsen
Lighting designer Katrin Barrie Larsen
Visual artist and lighting engineer Astrid Espenhain

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