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There are pigeons in Copenhagen's Enghave Park. Many pigeons. Some people like them, to others they are a curse. As in the rest of the world, the urban pigeons invading our city parks and squares are both loved and loathed.

However, the pigeon is also a fascinating animal, and its history has been closely inter-
woven with that of mankind for thousands of years: Its navigational abilities have made it an important means of communication for us; it could make a delicious meal; and people with means have bred the bird as a status symbol because of its colourful iridescent plumage. In addition, the pigeon is one of the world's most intelligent birds, in that it can recognise numbers, letters and faces.

With the light installation "Dovecote", Tokyo Blue focuses on, and brings us closer to, our fellow city dweller and its pigeon existence, which is so much a part of urban life.

Dovecote is a part of Copenhagen Light Festival program 2024. The light festival extends from February 2nd to 25th.

The light installation is funded by Vesterbro Librarie and Culture House.

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