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GATE is an art installation created for the entrance to the company SlowmotionFX. It marks the change of scenes and bids their customers welcome. GATE strikes the keynote and informs the visitors that they have now entered a creative and thoughtful post-production film company. GATE is inspired by Sophie Taeuber-Arps room installation “Bar Aubette” from 1926-28. Based on our analysis of her work’s character and idiom of form we developed a “formula” for GATE’S composition. The installation’s combination of large and small squares, and these squares’ alternation between energetic and passive colours create a dynamic balance between energy and tranquility. GATE frames the hall’s main door , and thereby pointing the visitor in the right direction and making orientation easy in a corridor with many doors. These doors create a diffuse grid of lines which GATE collects into a calm and well-ordered experience, while welcoming the visitor with its strong
visual image.

Materials: MDF, watercolor paper, wall paint and gouache. Installed 2014 at Staldgade 66, Copenhagen.

GATE - spatial composition

GATE - detail of the back wall

GATE - green detail

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