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The human being is drawn to the sea. Some explain it with our ancestors' deep dependence on the waterhole or shore for their survival. The fact is that our sensory experience of the sea has a positive effect on our well-being. In the winter darkness, however, many of the water's visual qualities disappear. The water becomes a dark surface which reflects the surrounding lighting in the form of illuminated signs, street lights etc.

The temporary light installation Water Walk brings the color qualities of the sea in daylight to life by enveloping Lille Langebro in a palette of blue-green nuances and warm strokes with reference to the sparkling play of sunlight on the surface.
When you move over Lille Langebro, you can experience a feeling of being in the water while the bridge from a distance will be reflected in the water's surface and for a while give the water back its nuances in the daylight.

Materials: coloured foils, acrylic blink

Realized: Copenhagen Light Festival 2023

Client: Copenhagen Light Festival.

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