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The Skissernas Museum in Lund owns more than 30,000 sketches, models and other types of preparatory works for public works of art in both Sweden and abroad. The museum's collection thus provides a unique insight into the artistic processes, where the end result is still open to change. This openness in the creative process has formed the starting point for the video work Open Ended, which was produced for Skissernas Night at the museum.

Skissernas Night is an evening where the museum invites the public to talks, concerts, workshops and other artistic experiences. Tokyo Blue was invited to develop a video work for display in the Birgit Rausing Hall. The work thus also functioned as a backdrop for the evening's concerts with, among others, Danish Astrid Engberg.
The video work consisted of photographed details from a large number of the museum's materials, which were cut together in new constellations. The work was thus a continuous flow of processed details put together in new compositions across time and expression. The museum's hanging is a so-called salon hanging, where the works hang from floor to ceiling. The video installation played with this type of suspension by also filling most of the end wall in the Birgit Rausing Hall, where the mirrored ceiling created a kaleidoscopic illusion.

Materials: Projectors
Realized: November 2022
Client: Skissernas Museum Lund
Photographer: Johan Persson and Tokyo Blue

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